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About Eqwine Wine

It’s time to horse around!

In 2016, Janel could not resist purchasing this adorable 1976 Miley Horse Trailer. The intention was to use the trailer to haul their two horses. Only to be told by experienced horse people that it would not be a good fit for two full-size horses. So, they had to think, what to do with this classic red 1976 Miley Horse Trailer? That’s when the fun began!

It didn’t take long to decide it should be used as a mobile wine tasting cart. Kris Hakkila gets credit for coming up with the Eqwine Wine name. Eqwine Mobile Wine Cart had its first events in the summer of 2017. Then in May of 2019, the location at 218 SW 4th St. in Redmond was purchased and become the Eqwine Wine Bar. After 10 months of remodeling, the doors opened on March 6, 2020, right as the pandemic was hitting all of Oregon. The Wine Bar had its challenges through the pandemic but managed to stay open and gather guests from all over Central Oregon.

Then in September 2021, Kris Hakkila and Janel Maurer decided to end their partnership and Janel maintained ownership of Eqwine Wine Bar and Mobile Cart. 

Eqwine Wine bar is working towards opening its doors more frequently and hosting more public and private events. From here, the story has not been written, so we are excited about what the future holds with this amazing quaint little wine bar in downtown Redmond. Come see us today and enjoy a glass or bottle inside or on our relaxing patio. 

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